We are all created in God's image.  Sometimes, we get lost and need a reminder of how loved we truly are.  These affirmation cards are uniquely and intentionally designed to bring truth to your life, straight from the Gospel.  


Each card corresponds to a specific blend of essential oils - specific to the Young Living Feelings Kit.  The front of the card contains a God-minded affirmation that you can say as you apply your oils.  The back of each card includes instructions on how/where to apply your oils and 4 scripture citations where you can read more about each concept on the respective card.  


Hearing God's truth - the Creator of the Universe - is the only truth we need and as women, we often let the opinions and "truths" of others become our inner monologue.  These cards were designed to bring you back to the basics - God's Vision, Grace and Unconditional Love - for every single one of us.  When you're rooted in Grace, who you're meant to be will shine through in your every day actions, words, thoughts and feelings.


* Young Living Essential Oils sold seperately 

* You will receive 6 affirmation cards and a "welcome" card - not all cards are shown here for product protection and efficacy 

Affirmation Cards

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    • Store the card stack in the metal slider storage tin included with purchase
    • Each card is the size of a business card
    • You will receive a seperate card for each respective oil blend
      • Forgiveness
      • Release
      • Present Time
      • Harmony
      • Valor
      • Inner Child
    • All cards should be kept out of water and away from small children, as not to damage them.
    • Each image contains a watermark - the physical cards will not contain this watermark.